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ALBUM NOTES:  Double Portion has been juggling God, family, work, and music for the past year. His strong passion for God and God's Word made it possible for his project to become a reality. The CD features tracks produced by Don-T and Dont'e Johnson. In addition, Don-T is featured on various songs throughout the CD along with a few upcoming artist. This CD you do not want to miss; believe me when I tell you!
                                           NO MORE TIME FOR GAMES!


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Double Portion "Flip It"





 Scrybe, Issiah, MO
    Holy Heat Vol. 1
                Apr 12, 2009

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                        Double Portion, Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Tramaine Duffie

My Journey


Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Issiah Haynes

She Got It Covered

Don-T, Issiah Haynes, Donte' Johnson,
Mission Oriented, Scrybe

Holy Heat Vol. 1

Don-T, Donte' Johnson, Scrybe,
Issiah Haynes, Robin

Walk With Christ

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