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Donald Thompson

          Donald Thompson better known as: Deliverer of the Never Ending Truth (Don-T).  Don-T is based out of Delaware area.  He started out in the music business back in 1992 in Augusta, Georgia, setting the mic on fire throughout the Dirty South Area.  He has showcased for labels such as Rowdy Records, Sony Records, and LaFace Records.  First single that hit the airways was Street Soldier.  It really never got off the ground but it didn't stop there.  He went on to perform in the Big Apple hitting spots like the Cotton Club in Harlem.  Things were better but no cigar.  Don-T found out that people were unreliable and started to put together D.K. PRODUCTIONS.  He started out buying equipment to do the necessary music production.  Once he finally got the equipment he made the CD No Rougher in which was sold in Europe during an overseas tour for 2 1/2 yrs serving in the US Army.  Don-T hit the stage with artist such as AZ YET and MC LYTE, to name a few, doing sound and displaying his talent.  He toured the cities of Germany with a band called X-Amount producing their first CD X-Amount.  Don-T second CD What's My Name released 2001 in the states was put on hold when he turned his life over to Jesus Christ in 2002. 

            Since then his life, music, and ministry has been dedicated to glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Don-T's vision is to reach the lost souls but his main focus is the lost youth.  Don-T is an artist, CEO, music producer, music composer, music engineer, and Christ sold out.  In 2003 Don-T formed DON-T RECORDS and he has been reaching out to world @  The Lord allowed the Don-T to release his debut CD Walk With Christ in 2006 after going through many storms along the way. 

            In 2008, Don-T went on to produce his second CD
Holy Heat Vol. 1.  The CD featured producer Donte' Johnson, producer Steven Smack, Gospel Singer Issiah Haynes, Holy Hip Hop artists Meredith Morgan (AKA Mission Oriented), Marcus Isler Jr. (AKA Scrybe), and Malachi "Tha Messenger".  .

            In 2012, through the grace and mercy of God Don-T released Gospel Rap artist Jason Hall AKA Double Portion CD titled My Journey that has impacted many.  Through all of life distraction, Double Portion and Don-T continue to give God all the glory and honor in the streets and in the House of God. 

            In addition, to give back to the church Don-T has been doing sound production and working with choirs during several deployments to Iraqi and Afghanistan for over five years.  Furthermore, through Gospel Rap he has blessed and inspirited thousands of people around the world to come to know Jesus Christ.  Where every the Lord calls Don-T and his ministry to go, they never disappoint. Don-T Records is proclaiming Jesus Christ to world.


She Got It Covered
Jul 09, 2010

              IN STORES NOW!
                        Double Portion, Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Tramaine Duffie

My Journey


Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Issiah Haynes

She Got It Covered

Don-T, Issiah Haynes, Donte' Johnson,
Mission Oriented, Scrybe

Holy Heat Vol. 1

Don-T, Donte' Johnson, Scrybe,
Issiah Haynes, Robin

Walk With Christ

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