Don-T Records Music Group is an independent record label that produces good music with a message and testimony, hoping to reach whoever will listen.  Proclaiming Jesus Christ to all that will hear their artists' voices, telling their story on how the Lord has changed them.  Their genre of music comes from an urban standpoint mainly with rhythm and style.  Don-T Records Music Group artist are based in the state of Delaware.  As disciples these young men and women will take their God given talent wherever God calls them to go.  They are always ready to reach out to the masses with Christian Love.  Call on them for your next event and be blessed.

Don-T Records Music Group,



Double Portion
My Journey
Mar 01, 2012

                  IN STORES NOW!
                        Double Portion, Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Tramaine Duffie

My Journey


Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Issiah Haynes

She Got It Covered

Don-T, Issiah Haynes, Donte' Johnson,
Mission Oriented, Scrybe

Holy Heat Vol. 1

Don-T, Donte' Johnson, Scrybe,
Issiah Haynes, Robin

Walk With Christ

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