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Marcus Isler

Marcus Isler, sr., a.k.a., "Scrybe", the teacher and servant of Christ". He's a faithful and loving husband, a father and role model to his two sons. He's been submitted to Jesus Christ since 1997. He uses his experience with Christ and being a man of god as a foundation of what it really means to be a man. Scrybe at an early age was always fascinated with making sounds and music. He started using double cassette players to mix acappellas with instrumentals. He then became a secular DJ. Once converted as a born again believer, he put his hunger for god and passion for music together. Scrybe uses his life experiences and talents to inform people about the love god.

                   Arnold Issiah Haynes

Arnold Issiah Haynes (Issiah) is based out of North Carolina. Issiah started out singing at the age of 5 in the children's choir directed by his mother. He did not understand that singing was one of his true gifts, and that God could use his talents to encourage others until about the age of 14. After this realization by the Holy Spirit, Issiah began singing at many church events around Charlotte, N.C. He was a member of the youth choir at a Salem Missionary Baptist Church; on these training grounds is where he began to study music and write lyrics for heart felt songs. As he matured, Issiah began to realize that he had a gift and the responsibility to reach his and the next generation. However, professionally nothing was pursued. In high school Issiah was selected to participate in the elite Chamber Choir. This awesome experience caused him to develop and advance musically. It wasn't until the divine appointed time in 2004, that Issiah came across the Independent Label, "Don-T Records Music Group". Through this label God opened up many doors, and Issiah increased his knowledge base about the profession of music. On his spiritual journey so far Issiah has had the opportunity to work with many world class Holy Hip Hop Artists artist to include Don-T, Scrybe, and Mission Oriented (M.O.) Issiah has now collaborated with Don-T on his latest album, and is currently touring with Don-T at the present time.

                      Meredith Rernard Morgan
                       AKA Mission Oriented

Yo what's good fam! I go by the nickname of M.O. (Mission Oriented) however; my real name is Meredith Rernard Morgan. I was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but grew up in Washington, D.C. As a young boy my parents took me to Church 24/7. This was good but I still didn't know Jesus for myself. It wasn't until September of 1999 at a youth bible study that I connected intimately with Christ. A young man around 16 years old began to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ passionately, as if he knew him personally. That is when the Holy Spirit convicted me, and I accepted Christ in my heart as my Lord and Savior. Every since that day I have never been the same. When I was younger I sang with my siblings in church. I started rapping in 9th grade, but I had no clue that God was going to use these gifts to glorify His own name. Using me in this art, God has caused peoples lives to be changed and transformed for His glory. I started writing lyrics through God's grace and protection after returning home from Iraq in 2004. I hooked up with Don-T Records Music Group through Issiah in March 2006, and have been recording professionally every since. Just as the Apostle Paul, my goal in life is to know Christ and make him known by everyone that I come into contact. It's just that simple. One!!!!!!!!!!! Agape Love,



Walk With Christ
Apr 12, 2007

              IN STORES NOW!
                        Double Portion, Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Tramaine Duffie

My Journey


Don-T, Donte' Johnson,
Issiah Haynes

She Got It Covered

Don-T, Issiah Haynes, Donte' Johnson,
Mission Oriented, Scrybe

Holy Heat Vol. 1

Don-T, Donte' Johnson, Scrybe,
Issiah Haynes, Robin

Walk With Christ

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